Son of American Detained in Syria is Rep. Hill’s State of the Union Guest

 (Pictured left: Rep. Hill meets with Khalid Kamalmaz before the State of the Union address. Pictured right: Majd Kamalmaz, an American therapist detained in Syria in 2017, pictured in 2014. Photo courtesy of the Wall Street Journal.

WASHINGTON D.C. — Congressman French Hill (AR-02) announced that his guest for tonight's State of the Union address is Khalid Kamalmaz, the son of Majd Kamalmaz, a former Arkansas resident being detained in Syria.

“After meeting with the Kamalmaz family on several occasions, I am committed to doing everything I can to help bring Majd Kamalmaz safely home, and I am inspired by the courage the Kamalmaz family has shown during this difficult time. I join them in hopefulness and continue to believe that President Trump can help to bring Majd Kamalmaz back to the United States where he can meet his two youngest grandchildren for the first time."


Majd Kamalmaz is an American being detained in Syria. It is thought that he is being held by the government of Syrian dictator, Bashar al-Assad. In February 2017, Majd was detained by Syrian police while visiting the country for his father-in-law’s funeral. 

Last week, Rep. Hill wrote to the president requesting his help in bringing Majd safely home from Syria. The full text of the letter can be found HERE

Madj Kamalmaz's story was recently featured on PBS News Hour, which can be viewed HERE. Majd's oldest son, Khalid, is a graduate of George Mason University and currently lives in Northwest Indiana with his wife and two sons. 

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