Rep. Hill Statement on Speaker Pelosi's Announcement to Open an "Impeachment Inquiry" into the President

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Congressman French Hill (AR-02) released the following statement on Speaker Pelosi's decision to open an "impeachment inquiry" into the president:

“Impeachment has consumed Congressional Democrats since the president’s first day in office. The Mueller report did not deliver the impeachment verdict they were hoping for, so now they are trying again with an anonymous whistleblower complaint based off, reportedly, zero firsthand information.

“Speaker Pelosi’s decision to move forward with an impeachment inquiry before all the facts have surfaced proves once again that Congressional Democrats care more about undermining the president than finding the truth. Rather than caving to the radical elements in her ranks, Speaker Pelosi should focus on issues important to the American people like securing our southwest border and passing USMCA.”

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