Stimulus checks: Your questions answered

Stimulus checks: Your questions answered


Congressman French Hill sat down with Channel 7's Elicia Dover to answer some of the common questions his office has been receiving about stimulus checks. Checks are expected to go out within the next two weeks. He gives detailed answers to many of your questions like how you'll receive your money and who is eligible.

Here a few complicated questions he highlighted:

Will young workers get a check? Dependents above the age of 16 will not get a check, hat includes high school and college students between ages 17 and 24 if they are claimed as a dependent on someone’s tax returns, even if they normally work and file taxes themselves.

What if you are on social security disability? Yes you will receive a stimulus check.

What if you owe back taxes? Generally your stimulus money won’t be withheld.

What if you owe back child support or spousal support payments? The IRS would typically garnish money from tax refunds. But based on tax filing, it is only the parent who lists the child as their dependent who would receive the extra $500.

Congressman Hill says to go to Hill.House.Gov if you have any other questions you'd like answered and his office will try its best to answer it for you.

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