• CODEL Hill Ukraine
WASHINGTON, D.C. – Rep. French Hill (AR-02) released the following statement after leading a bipartisan CODEL to Poland and Ukraine:
"This past week, I led a bipartisan delegation to Poland and Ukraine to assess first-hand the current conditions there and to hear directly from President Zelenskyy of the Ukrainian commitment to ejecting Putin’s army from their sovereign nation.
"While in Poland and Ukraine, Rep. Mike Quigley (D-IL), Rep. Stephen Lynch (D-MA), and I heard detailed reports from Ukrainian military leadership regarding their progress and the assessments of the path to success that they have achieved. Further, in Kyiv, we met with the U.S. Embassy and officials to assess current oversight and accountability mechanisms and to carefully analyze the level and nature of funding commitments of other allied nations.
"As I evaluate President Biden’s request for additional aid for Ukraine, this visit in country will inform me as to the most effective use of further funding for Ukraine as they continue their defense of their nation against Russian aggression.
"Three nations have sought America’s urgent support: Ukraine, Israel, and Taiwan. The Communists in Moscow and Beijing, joined by the Mullahs of Tehran and their puppets like Hamas, are united in their dedication to the destruction of freedom and liberty here in the United States and in the nations of our freedom-loving allies. Since our nation’s founding, we have shared in the fight for the survival of liberty in the face of tyranny, and the United States will support our allies as they fight against annihilation, oppression, and savage state-sponsored terrorism."

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