• SOTU
WASHINGTON, D.C. – Rep. French Hill (AR-02) today issued the following statement after President Biden delivered the annual State of the Union address:
“For two years, President Biden has demonstrated weak leadership. The Biden Administration’s economic and border crises continue to hurt our nation – prices remain unsustainable for Americans and our southwest border remains wide open as our local communities are plagued with fentanyl and our national security continues to be compromised.
“President Biden also neglected to address the real threat of the Chinese Communist Party, which his Administration has failed to do since taking office. I was honored to have Nury Turkel, Chair of the U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom, as my guest tonight. As a Uyghur born in China’s Xinjiang province, he has worked tirelessly to counter the CCP’s persecution of Uyghurs and is a strong advocate for global religious freedom and human rights. I urge the Biden Administration to follow the example of Nury Turkel and take a position of strength to combat the aggression and malign activities of the CCP.
“House Republicans are committed to addressing the crises that President Biden has caused. I am proud that Arkansas Governor Sarah Huckabee Sanders delivered the Republican response to the State of the Union. As the first female governor of our great state and youngest governor in the country, Governor Sanders is spearheading a new generation of leadership in our nation.” 

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