Election integrity in Arkansas

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Election integrity in Arkansas
by Rep. French Hill
Log Cabin Democrat
June 29, 2022

Election integrity in Arkansas

Democracy is one of the greatest freedoms we are granted as citizens of the United States, with participating in elections being one of our greatest responsibilities. This year, the state of Arkansas saw its largest voter turnout in a midterm primary election in state history with over 450,000 votes cast throughout the state – nearly 100,000 more votes than projected. These numbers represent more than just voters participating in their greatest civic duty, but Arkansans who are confident in the value of their opinion and their vote.

I hosted an Arkansas Election 101 roundtable event in April to discuss how best to ensure the integrity of our elections. Joined by local, state, and federal leaders, we discussed election integrity here in Arkansas, including the coordination between all aspects of government to ensure a secure voting process for all Arkansans.

This past winter, the Heritage Foundation released a scorecard, announcing that Arkansas was tied for fourth in the nation as one of the states with the best scores of election integrity. The Foundation compared the election laws and regulations of each state based on how these factors affect the security and integrity of the election process. This helps voters, legislators, and election officials ensure a fair and secure election process – one where every vote counts.

Since coming to Congress, I have fought for election integrity and voted against bills that would grant unwarranted power to Washington, D.C., and strip individual states of their Constitutional authorities, jeopardizing and federalizing election integrity. In early 2021, I joined Senator John Boozman, Senator Tom Cotton, Secretary of State John Thurston, and Arkansas Attorney General Leslie Rutledge to bring attention to H.R. 1, which would have undermined the First Amendment to by allowing the federal government to fund political campaigns and give Washington too much power to administer elections. This legislation would have been a gross misuse of American tax dollars, prioritizing politicians over the American people. I was proud to vote NO on this legislation.

I have heard concerns from central Arkansans regarding the integrity of our elections, and I have worked hard to keep election authority a responsibility of the state. This is in direct opposition of Speaker Pelosi and House Democrats’ “solution,” which would turn many aspects of the electoral process over to the federal government. I most recently voted against these measures in January 2022 and will continue to vote against legislation that would take power away from the states and give it to Washington.

I am proud to be a ninth-generation Arkansan and am honored for the privilege and opportunity to represent our wonderful state in Congress. Even more, I am proud of our Arkansas voters. As one of the highest ranked states in terms of election Integrity, our voters have faith in the process and our elections and should rest assured that their voice is being heard. Heading into the midterm election this November, I look forward to seeing our voters engaged in the democratic process and breaking another record for vote turnout.

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