Cong. Hill urges Arkansas residents to get vaccine; stop rising cases & hospitalizations

Cong. Hill urges Arkansas residents to get vaccine; stop rising cases & hospitalizations

By: Shelli Poole

Congressman French Hill released a bulletin Monday night urging constituents to get the COVID-19 vaccination.

“I encourage all Arkansans who are not currently vaccinated for COVID-19 to consult with their doctor about getting vaccinated,” stated Hill. “This is especially important given the rise of the Delta variant.”

He noted that 90.5% of current active COVID-19 cases in Arkansas are people who are not fully vaccinated, and 98.3% of COVID-19 hospitalizations in Arkansas since January 26, 2021 are people not fully vaccinated.

“The best way to combat the spread of COVID and keep Arkansans safe and healthy is by getting vaccinated,” stated Hill.

He continued, “The only way that we can fully reopen our economy and get truly back on our feet is with more people being vaccinated for COVID-19. Each FDA conditionally approved vaccine is backed by science and doctors who have worked hard over the past year to develop, manufacture, and distribute these critical, life-saving vaccines.”

Visit the Arkansas Department of Health website for more information on where to get a vaccine.

At this time, all Arkansans age 12 or older are now eligible to receive the vaccine. You can make an appointment at a community pharmacy. Vaccine clinics and events may also be available in your area through hospitals, health care providers, or your worksite. Click here for a list of clinics. For those who work in education, the district, facility, or college/university should determine how many doses are needed, and then reach out to an ADH Local Health Unit or a community pharmacy to schedule a vaccination clinic. Call 1-800-985-6030 for assistance finding a vaccine in your area or to sign up for an ADH clinic.

Arkansans who receive a COVID-19 vaccine following the effective date of May 26, 2021 are eligible to receive an incentive for getting vaccinated. 

Who is eligible to receive an incentive for getting the vaccine?

  • Those who receive a COVID-19 vaccine following the effective date, May 26, 2021.

Can those who receive a second dose after the effective date still receive an incentive?

  • Yes – if a first dose was received prior to the effective date, but the second dose is received following the effective date, that individual may still claim an incentive. Any individual who receives a COVID-19 vaccine following the effective date may claim an incentive.

Will those who receive a two-dose series following the effective date receive two incentives?

  • No – each individual may only claim one incentive for receiving either a first or second dose following the effective date.

Are those who were fully vaccinated prior to May 26, 2021 able to receive an incentive?

  • No – only those who receive a vaccine following the effective date are able to claim an incentive.

What are the incentive options?

  • Option 1: A $20 Arkansas Scholarship Lottery scratch-off ticket (the $1 Million Spectacular). Additional information on this scratch-off can be found at
  • Option 2: Two $10.50 gift certificates with the Arkansas Game & Fish Commission. These two certificates can be redeemed for the Resident Wildlife Conservation License (HNT) OR Resident Fisheries Conservation License (FSH). Additional information on the hunting license can be found at and additional information on the fishing license can be found at

How many of each incentive option will be initially available?

  • 50,000 scratch-off tickets and 50,000 gift certificates. Depending on demand, additional incentives may be purchased and made available.

How can an incentive be received?

  • Those who receive a vaccine after the effective date can take their proof of vaccination card to any of the Arkansas Department of Health Local Health Units (LHU) across the state to receive an incentive. Local Health Unit locations can be found at

How will the state ensure each qualifying individual only claims one incentive?

  • The Local Health Units will mark that an incentive has been claimed on the individual’s proof of vaccination card.

Do individuals have to receive their vaccine at a LHU to claim an incentive?

  • No – individuals can be vaccinated at any vaccine clinic across the state. To claim an incentive, they should bring their proof of vaccination card to the LHU that is most convenient to them to receive the incentive option of their choice.

Do the incentive options expire?

  • The Arkansas Game & Fish Commission gift certificates expire 2 years after purchase.
  • The expiration date for the Arkansas Scholarship Lottery’s $1 Million Spectacular scratch-off has not been determined yet. Once the expiration date for the ticket has been established, players still have 180 days to claim their prize.

Do qualifying individuals under the age of 18 have the option to select a AR Scholarship Lottery Scratch off incentive?

  • No, individuals under 18 years of age may only receive AGFC Gift Certificates. They cannot be issued a lottery incentive.

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