Hill and Lawrence Set to Lead Skilled Workforce Caucus for the 115th Congress

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For the second consecutive Congress, Congressman French Hill (R-AR-02) and Congresswoman Brenda Lawrence (D-MI-14) will co-chair the Congressional Skilled American Workforce Caucus. Over the past two years, Congressman Hill and Congresswoman Lawrence have been actively engaged in promoting the need for increased skilled workforce training.

In the 114th Congress, the caucus hosted multiple roundtable discussions and traveled to Arkansas and Michigan to meet with local issue experts and stakeholders to discuss federal participation in skilled workforce policy. The caucus plans to expand its outreach with other members and increase the number of site visits in the coming two years.

Following today’s announcement, Congressman Hill, Congresswoman Lawrence, Arkansas State Senator Jane English (34th District), Vice President for University Relations at Arkansas State University Shane Broadway, and CEO & President of Focus: HOPE Jason Lee released the below statements:

“I am excited to build off the good bipartisan work that Congresswoman Lawrence and I did together in the previous Congress on skilled workforce issues. Finding ways to get more of our colleagues involved will be a critical mission of the caucus this year. As Congress focuses on good policies to increase economic growth, I am optimistic that the work of our Caucus will play an important role in getting people back to work.” – Congressman French Hill

“America was built on manufacturing and labor. I am excited to be a part of this much needed movement to boost our economy into the future as we transition our manufacturing through new technology and skilled trade. I am glad to join Congressman Hill as we provide leadership and continue to promote skilled trade opportunities in the American workforce. Skilled trade is a lifeline of the American workforce and is directly connected to the future of this country. We must come together as members of Congress to educate, train and promote our workforce for a better future.” – Congresswoman Brenda Lawrence

“I am so pleased that Congressman Hill and Congresswoman Lawrence will be reestablishing the Congressional Skilled American Workforce Caucus in the House. Ensuring the opportunity for all of our citizens to have the education and skills necessary to compete for the growing number of skilled jobs is a priority Congressman Hill, Congresswoman Lawrence, and I all share. I appreciate the willingness of Congressman Hill to partner with the Arkansas state legislature on workforce issues.” – Senator Jane English

"We appreciate the leadership and vision of Congressman Hill and Congresswoman Lawrence for focusing their efforts to bring awareness and develop policy to show parents and students the opportunities that exist today and in the future, that technical training can provide. We were honored to host both of them at ASU-Beebe to showcase our highly successful John Deere Agriculture Technology Program that shows how institutions and industry can partner together to provide the workforce that is so desperately needed." – Shane Broadway

“Focus: HOPE deeply appreciates and commends the work of Congresswoman Brenda Lawrence, and her colleague, Congressman French Hill, for their efforts to ensure the production of a skilled workforce in communities across the United States. Their work is critical to the economic revitalization of urban centers like Detroit, which have been devastated by job losses and inadequate workforce training.  We look forward to working with both of them on these extremely important activities of the caucus.” – Jason Lee

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