Hill’s Bill to Expand Historic Site of Central High Passes House

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Washington, DC, September 12, 2017 | comments

Congressman French Hill (AR-02) made the following statement after the House of Representatives passed his bill, the Little Rock Central High School National Historic Site Boundary Modification Act:

“Just ahead of the historic 60th anniversary, we’re commemorating the Little Rock Nine and their brave role in the fight for equality. As we celebrate, this legislation that passed the House today ensures the proper historical inclusion of the seven homes located across South Park Street from Little Rock Central High School. Together with the school, they will now stand as living monuments to the civil rights movement in Arkansas and the United States. Preserving the streetscape as close to what it was in 1957 serves as a historic reminder for all modern-day history travelers retracing the steps of the civil rights movement.  

“I thank my colleague, civil rights pioneer, and courageous leader, John Lewis, for his cosponsorship. I also thank our Majority Leader, Chairman Bishop, and the Natural Resources Committee for their expeditious treatment of this important measure. I’m grateful to my friend and colleague, Senator Cotton, for his leadership in initiating and shepherding this effort and the companion bill S.1202 in the Senate. I look forward to President Trump signing this bill, and again recognizing that we have to embrace our past and learn from our history.”

Click here to watch Rep. Hill’s remarks on the House floor regarding H.R. 2611.

Additional Background:

The Little Rock Central High School National Historic Site Boundary Modification Act, H.R. 2611, expands seven homes located near Little Rock Central High School to include them in the school’s national historic site designation, which consists of approximately 1.47 acres and is preserved by the National Park Service (NPS). Additionally, the bill authorizes the Secretary of the Interior to enter into separate cooperative agreements with the owners of such residences to mark, interpret, improve, restore, and provide technical assistance for the preservation and interpretation of their properties.

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