Hill Introduces Employment and Readjustment Bill for Incarcerated Americans

For more information, contact: Mike Siegel, (202) 225-2506

Today, Congressman French Hill (AR-02) introduced The Shift Back to Society Act, which would help those who have been incarcerated transition back into society and find meaningful employment. The bill would establish a pilot program to provide grants to Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU) to implement educational programs for eligible offenders and help them successfully transition back into their communities.

The legislation would allocate $5 million per year for the program, would require no additional funding, and ensures that funds already appropriated for the Department of Justice would be used to support the program. Following introduction of the bill, Congressman Hill released the following statement:

“The United States currently spends $34,000 per year per inmate, a tab that is picked up by the taxpayer, and a number that is greatly affected by reoffenders. This legislation would help create a transition phase for inmates to gain academic and spiritual development and would encourage them to continue in their education at an HBCU after their release. Most importantly, it would address the problem of recidivism by encouraging hard work and opening up opportunities that can lead to employment. Any American in good standing with the law, regardless of previous offenses, deserves the opportunity to improve their own lives through the dignity of a job, while playing a role in the betterment of our society as a whole.”


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